Helical machine tap DIN 371, metric pitch

Precision-ground HSS and HSSE-Co5 straight machine tap with GUN DIN 371 entry and metric pitch. Reinforced shank for through holes, suitable for Form B entry with approximately 4-5 pitches


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Helical machine tap DIN 371, metric pitch

HSS and HSSE-Co5 ground Helical machine tap with reinforced right-hand helix shank at 35°, for blind holes. Inlet: Form C 35° RSP approx. 2 – 3 steps Thread: metric DIN ISO 13 Sidewalls: detached

Type of thread: Metric ISO-thread

Standard: DIN 371

Form: Form A

Material: HSSE

Tolerance: ISO2 (6H)

Size: M 10 x 1.5

Overall length (L1): 100 mm

Thread length (L2): 24 mm

Core hole diameter (D1): 8.5 mm

Shank diameter (D2): 10.0 mm

Drive connector: 8.0 mm

Type of flute: Straight fluted (varies)