Drill type N, HSS-G Ground cut Extra short

Experience unmatched precision in confined spaces with our Extra Short Type N Drill bit. Crafted from durable high-speed steel with a ground cut, it’s shorter than the DIN 1897, making it perfect for bodybuilders and drilling thin materials.


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Drill type N, HSS-G Ground cut Extra short

Extra short drill bit in high speed steel, ground cut, very robust. Even shorter than the DIN 1897 drill bit. for bodybuilders, for drilling thin materials, sheets, profiles. Use in portable electric drills mainly for rivet holes and bodywork work. Advantages of self-centering cross sharpening, less drilling effort.

Net weight: 0.003 kg

Length: 40.0 mm

Spiral length: 16.0 mm

Diameter: 3.1 mm