HSS Spot Weld Cutters Article 3511

Streamline the process of separating spot-welded sheets with our HSS Spot Welding Cutters.


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HSS Spot Weld Cutters Article 3511

For separating spot welded sheets. The cutters cut on both sides and are reversible and interchangeable. The depth of the milling is adjustable by screw. No deformation of the sheets. Rational and fast work.Adjust the milling depth with ease using the screw mechanism, ensuring no deformation of sheets. Streamline your work with a rational and speedy approach.

Application: For separating spot-welded sheets

Description: Designed for separating spot-welded sheets. The cutters are double-sided, reversible, and interchangeable. Milling depth is adjustable with a screw for efficient and fast work. No deformation of sheets.

Material: HSS (High-Speed Steel) – Suitable for drilling in materials with a hardness less than 900 N/mm².