Thread repair box M 5 – M 12 VC81

Revitalize worn threads and increase tensile strength with our Thread Repair Kits – Standard Type 1.5 D. Ideal for thread recovery, Revitalize threads effortlessly with our Thread Repair Kit M5 – M12 VC81. Ideal for thread recovery, these kits conform to DIN 8140 standards and feature a Type S – Free Passage design for easy movement


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Thread repair box M 5 – M 12 VC81

Repair of worn or damaged threads, Increase the tensile strength of a thread in soft materials, Commission recovery, for new high strength and durable thread, Insert threads, DIN 8140, ISO tolerance 2 (6H), Type S – free passage, stainless steel.

Material: Stainless steel threaded inserts

Packaging: In a metal box

Size: Dimensions 26 x 1.5