Ground HSS hole saws and blades

Non-ferrous and light metals up to 2.5 mm, as well as plastics, reinforced textiles and lightweight plasterboards and panels up to max. 5.0mm.Versatile and efficient, our Ground HSS Hole Saws are compatible with hand drills and column drills. 


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Ground HSS hole saws

Ground HSS hole saws can be used with hand and column drills. With drill presses, use manual feed only. Suitable for steel (up to 800 N/mm²) and cast steel.

Weight: 0.054 kg

Design: Cylindrical shape B (ZYAS), with front teeth

Teeth: KVZ 4

Surface: Uncoated

Diameter D1: 12.0 mm

L2: 25 mm

Minimum L1: 65 mm

Diameter D2: 6 mm