Metric tapping drill ISO DIN 13 HSS , Hexagon 1/4ʺ

Precisely ground HSS metric ISO DIN 13 machine tap drill with a 1/4ʺ hex shank. Enables one-step pilot hole and through-thread tapping without tool changes. Suitable for variable-speed machines for drilling and tapping.


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Metric tapping drill ISO DIN 13 HSS ground, Hexagon 1/4ʺ

The Machine Tapping Drill allows you to make the preliminary hole and the passage tapping in a single operation, without changing the tool. A twist drill precedes the tap. Only threads of through holes up to a maximum thread depth of 2xD can be made. Use is recommended on machines with variable speed allowing drilling and tapping. Adapt the feed to the desired operation, drilling or tapping. Do not use a pressure compensating tap chuck. Further information

Thread type: Metric ISO thread DIN 13

Form: Form

Material: HSS-G

Tolerance: ISO 2 / 6H

Packaging: In a plastic box

Size: Dimensions M 3 – 10