HSS core drill bits with Weldon shank (3/4″)

Ideal for steel applications, including T-beams, large sheets, steel castings, as well as non-ferrous and light metals.

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HSS core drill bits with Weldon shank (3/4″)

Drilling depth 30.0 mm, cut ground with CBN High efficiency high speed steel cutters. Designed for steel (such as T-beams, large sheet metal), steel castings, non-ferrous and light metals.Our HSS Core Drills with Weldon Shank (3/4″) and a drilling depth of 30.0 mm are precision-engineered for high-performance drilling tasks.

Article Number: 1281

Net Weight: 0.174 kg

Cutting Depth: 30.0 mm

Length: 63.0 mm

Diameter: 37.0 mm