GUN ISO 529 HSS ground machine tap with threads

Precisely ground HSS straight machine tap with GUN entry, ISO 529, featuring alternating threads and a fine metric pitch. Reinforced shank, suitable for Form B – AZ entry with approximately 4-5 pitches and alternating threads.


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GUN ISO 529 HSS ground machine tap with alternating threads

Metric pitch Straight machine tap with alternating threads, reinforced shank, for through holes. Entrance: Form B – AZ approx. 4 – 5 steps GUN entry and alternating threads Thread: metric fine DIN ISO 13 Sidewalls: detached.

Straight machine tap with GUN entry, ISO 529 HSS, ground with alternating threads and non-metric pitch. Precision-ground tap with reinforced shank, designed for through holes.

Entry: Form B – AZ, approximately 4-5 pitches GUN entry with alternating threads Thread: Fine metric DIN ISO 13

Flutes: Tapered

Thread type: M

Base diameter (mm): 6

Pitch (mm): 1

Total length (mm): 66

Threaded length (mm): 16

Tail diameter (mm): 6.3

Square dimensions (mm): 5

Number of threads at the entry: 4

Material: HSS

Coating: White (BLANC)

Standard: ISO R529

Helix angle (°): 0

Thread form and profile: M 60°

Cutting direction: Right

Usage: Machine

Hole type: Through hole

Entry sharpening: Gun

Tapping depth: <2xd

Tolerance on thread diameter: 6H

Workpiece material: Aluminum