Drill DIN 338 type UNI, HSSE-Co 5

High performance drill bit with 8% cobalt for drilling in stainless steels, titanium alloys, cast irons and high alloy steels. Strengthened soul. May be suitable under certain conditions for special alloys such as Hastelloy, Inconel, Nimonic, etc.


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Drill DIN 338 type UNI, HSSE-Co 5

The 3 flats guarantee perfect drive even in a worn or loose chuck. The power is transmitted in full without slippage of the drill! The 135° tip ensures very precise centering, especially for on-the-fly use with hand drills. Cross sharpening ensures self-centering even on a curved surface and extends battery life by reducing drilling effort. The steam treatment on the strips increases wear resistance and reduces the risk of chip clogging. The 40° helix angle ensures optimum chip evacuation, thus reducing drilling time while guaranteeing better guidance and more precision.

Aciers ( N/mm2 ) ˂ 900
Aciers ( N/mm2 ) ˂ 1100
Aciers ( N/mm2 ) ˂ 1300
Aciers Inoxydables
Alliages au titane